“Wayyyy Upp i feel blessed”

“Do you think creating a positive, professional online presence will be valuable for your future job search?”


Build Your Brand: How a Positive Social Media Presence can Lead to a Career

Catherine Wedgewood, a guest author for a website called Getting Smart wrote a great piece and building your brand and building your name.  Having a positive presence on social media is a brilliant idea.  With everything going on in todays world you just don’t want to be another face in the crowd.  Standing out and being different isn’t something I have been afraid of doing and having a blog or something positive on the internet to showcase who you are is a great way to do that.  In three years when college students are graduating they will be searching for jobs and sending in their resumes to employers.  When employers get an application they search for you on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked in, About me, and other forms of social media to see what kind of person you are.  When i read Catherine’s article it made me happy to know that it is a positive way to express yourself and have a positive presence on social media. “Wayyyyy Upp i feel blessed”.


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