My Thoughts

This week I’m going to ask you to think about what you were thinking throughout the semester… has your view on social media/internet tools changed over the semester? When you look over your posts (you are likely a bit of a stranger to your own posts by now) how do they “sound” to you? And I’m curious, do you see college as job-training or life-training? Do you think you are learning something more than job skills?


My views of the semester is crazy.  I think everything we have learned will be useful. I think they are great.  i look over them and i see a difference and how i say things and i like them.  I like the posts and i enjoy everything that i have said and think they capture how i feel about each assignment. I think they are both. To get more things done in a timely manner and meet deadlines and also for personal life goals because you don’t want to be lazy you want to excel in what you do.  Yes i think the course has helped me and i enjoyed this course a lot.


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